Beaches of Lazio

Lazio North area

The Lazio region houses a large number of stretches of swimming sea, many of which are exploited for tourism. Lazio’s northern coasts are part of the province of Viterbo and part of the province of Rome, the southern ones instead are included in the remaining part of the province of Rome and in the province of Latina.


In the province of Viterbo there is the city of Tarquinia, of Etruscan origin, famous for its archaeological sites, its natural park but also for its beaches.

The beach of Pian di Spille in Tarquinia is a stretch of strand bordered by a fragrant pine forest where it’s possible to practice naturism. The sand is soft and the seabed slopes gently toward the sea, unusual feature for Tyrrhenian Sea. The Pian di Spille beach is easily reachable and there are bathing establishments.

Always in Tarquinia area there is the beach of Bagni di Sant’Agostino, composed of golden and compact sand too, a very large and long coastline located not too far from the Natural Reserve of Animal Population Salt Mine of Tarquinia, so it is not uncommon to spot flamingos, herons and other birds in flight from this beach. On the beach of Bagni di Sant’Agostino there are beach resorts, the sea is very clean and behind the lido there are charming dune formations.

The beach of Murelle, a few kilometers from the town of Montalto di Castro, is an almost one kilometer long coastline of grey and soft sand fringed with vegetation. Water is also here light blue and clean, the seabed is sandy and a few hundred meters from the shore emerge the rocks. There are well-equipped bathing establishments.


spiaggia-di-asturaFurther south, in the province of Rome, we find the city of Civitavecchia, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Civitavecchia coastline has some sandy stretches, others pebbly and others characterized by the presence of rocks.

The rocks form the landscape of La Frasca, a stretch of coast near the port of Civitavecchia. The reef marine fauna is abundant and you can see what remains of the ancient Roman fish farms. La Frasca is a place suitable for underwater fishing, but who want to relax can find comfort in the beautiful pine forest in the hinterland and can make use of the camping area.

It is part of the municipality of Rome the seaboard of Ostia. Here are beach resorts and long stretches of free beach, whose most beautiful are those of Cancelli and Capocotta. The latter is also equipped to accommodate pets.

Lazio South area


On the border with the province of Latina there is the town of Nettuno, one of the beach resorts of Lazio most frequented by bathers because of the beautiful light blue sea especially near the Astura beach. A golden and fine sand covers this 11 km long coastline where there are bathing establishments. Nettuno is supplied with several hotels and is also visited by sport fishing enthusiasts.


The largest and most famous island of Pontine archipelago is undoubtedly Ponza and the most beautiful beach of the island is the beach of Chiaia di Luna. The coast is about 500 meters long but it is very narrow, being bordered by tall cliffs of vertical rock. It’s possible to access the beach through a tunnel built during the Roman period connecting the beach to the port of Ponza. Only on a stretch of beach there is a bar and is offered some service, but those visiting the beach of Chiaia di Luna do so because in love especially with its beautiful turquoise sea.

spiaggia Cala NaveAnother island of the Pontine archipelago is Ventotene, and its beach Cala Nave is a beautiful black sand cove of volcanic origin that brushes a crystal clear sea. On the coast there are bathing establishments that provide beach umbrellas and chairs.

In the town of Sabaudia it is situated the Dunes beach, also included in the Circeo National Park. The name of this beach comes from the dune formations of Sabaudia waterfront that divide the sea from the four coastal lakes inland. The sand of the Dunes beach of Sabaudia is golden and fine, the sea is very clean.

In Gaeta there is the beautiful Serapo beach, a golden sandy coastline overlooking a crystal clear sea. Behind the Serapo beach there are many hotels.

One of the most famous seaside resorts of southern Lazio is Marina di Minturno, full of beaches equipped with bathing establishments, bars, hotels and camping areas that offer direct access to the sea.

Near Marina di Minturno there are the beaches of Scauri; worthy to mention is the beautiful beach of Sassolini, a natural inlet covered with sand, pebbles and rocks. A repaired and enchanted place that also houses a cave, the “Grotta Azzurra“, namesake of that in Capri.


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