Ferrari e the MaranelloMuseum

Among the main attractions of the city of Modena, close to the car racing culture and especially to one of its most known representative worldwide, the brand Ferrari, there obviously needs the MaranelloMuseum, with exceptional summer initiatives for all the fans of ‘Cavallino Rampante’.

The genius and the secrets of the famous car company are told in the museum.

Starting from exhibitions completely dedicated to the history of Formula 1, with direct connections to world championships, to arrive to the most modern Ferrari proposals and to innovation offered together with the opportunity to understand the most used technical terms in this sport, such as telemetry and the behaviors of a real driver during the races.

At MaranelloMuseum drive-simulators for young people and adults of every age don’t fail, together with theme movie festivals when it’s possible to discover all the history of the ‘red manufacturer’.

The museum dedicated to Ferrari history.

Offers various temporary exhibitions, beyond the permanent exhibition, in different periods of the year. With demonstrations about the creative processes of the House and the so-called “secrets” that led Ferrari to take a competitive advantage on global rivals.

The attention of MaranelloMuseum isn’t however totally oriented on Ferrari, ranging also to alternative routes of great current interest such as Supercar and parade Ferraris, like the famous P3, which was the protagonist of past conventions.

The design secrets of Ferrari therefore intertwine with past and future.

The Italian models that managed to race also in American tracks, in popular locations such as Los Angeles and Hollywood, achieving a place in the pop and sport culture to relive thanks to MaranelloMuseum, with guided visits and exclusive services for tourists of every season.

To visit the Museum is making available a shuttle from Modena to Maranello.

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