The Basilica of Santa Chiara

In the historic center of Assisi, in Umbria, there is the Basilica of Santa Chiara which, beyond being a very important place of worship, is also a beautiful architectural structure.

But not only, in this place there are various relics and works of art.

Background of Santa Chiara.

The church of Santa Chiara was built between 1257 and 1265, posthumously to the saint. It was built around the ancient church of San Giorgio, the latter until 1230 housed the mortal remains of St. Francis.

The remains of Santa Chiara were brought to the church of Santa Chiara already in 1260, but the crypt that now houses the tomb was built only in 1850. The solemn consecration took place at the presence of Clement IV in 1265.

The basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi.

santachiaraThe architect who carried out the construction of the basilica was Filippo da Campello and the material used is the pink stone extracted from the quarries of Mount Subasio. The style is Italian Gothic, reminiscent of the upper basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi. Its interior is also a Gothic structure and is a Latin cross with a single nave with four bays, transept and polygonal apse.

What to see

The basilica contains very important frescoes dating back to the period between the twelfth and the fourteenth century, there are so many important works that can be admired. But not only, above the altar there is a cross modeled by the painter Benvenuto da Foligno, with St. Clare and St. Francis placed to worship at the feet of Christ.

Protected by a grill we find some relics on display:

  • The deacon smock belonged to St. Francis and embroidered by St. Clare.
  • Cape, the tunic, the chord and a trunk with the hair of St. Clare.
  • Tunic of St. Francis.
  • Sandal and the sock belonged to St. Francis and made by St. Clare.
  • A black veil, an internal tunic, a crucifix and a hair shirt of St. Clare.
  • The box containing the skull of St. Agnes.
  • A robes belonged to St. Francis.

Furthermore in the apse, just behind the main altar there is a beautiful pipe organ.

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