Val Gerola

In the western part of the Valtellina side of the Orobie Alps, a bit more to the east of the Val Lesina, extends the wonderful Val Gerola, surrounded by very steep slopes, rich in charm.

Val Gerola is characterized by everything the Nature has the best to offer.

Its lands are packed with ridges, screeches, moraines, glacial circuses, Alpine lakes and Alpine pastures.

However, the landscape is different from the past: the abundant precipitations of these areas have favored the construction of many artificial basins, that partially modified the original conformation of the Valley.

Formed from the erosive action of the waters, the Val Gerola is crossed by the Bitto torrent and divides into several other valleys, all worth visiting: Val Bomino, Valle di Pescegallo, Valle della Pietra, Val Vedrano and Val di Pai.

As for the main peaks surrounding the Val Gerola, it is worth dwelling on Pizzo della Nebbia, on Denti della Vecchia, on Monte Rotondo and on Cima della Rosetta.

Val Gerola has the typical features of the Alpine valleys.

Above all, the ability to host a long series of different environments in a quite limited space.

This is because in this area you quickly pass from 200 meters above sea level to 2000, ideal condition for the formation of a very morphologically articulated territory.

This is why it is not surprising the rapid passage from the forests of broadleaves to the coniferous ones, up to the vast Alpine meadows.

Clearly, with so different landscapes but definitely in harmony with each other, also the local fauna offers a no mean feat spectacle: it is not uncommon to meet roe deers, deers, steinbocks and chamoises, and sometimes even in the golden eagle.

In Val Gerola the main attraction is certainly to be found in ski resorts.

Especially in Pescegallo, where there is a winter sports resort with two ski lifts for the practice of Alpine skiing.

There are also two skiing schools: the “Scuola Italiana Sci – Pescegallo” and the “Enjoyski School Pescegallo” which, with their Masters, are available for individual and group lessons.

Finally a look at local culinary traditions.

It is in Val Gerola that one of the main Lombard ‘school’ cheeses comes to life: this is Bitto cheese, which can boast an excellent tradition due to its renowned attitude to ageing.

The cheese obviously takes its name from the Bitto stream, which flows into the Adda at Morbegno’s level.