The beaches of Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna North area

The beaches of the region Emilia Romagna face the Adriatic Sea and are among the most popular in Italy. In the north the coastline touches the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna, in the south those of Forlì-Cesena and Rimini.


The northern coast belonging to the province of Ferrara houses the Lidi di Comacchio, a series of beaches that offer entertainment for all tastes and ages. The area of the Lidi di Comacchio stretches for about 25 km and is included in the Po Delta Park, an oasis that is home to many animal and plant protected species.

In the northern part of the Lidi di Comacchio there is the Lido di Volano, a beach surrounded by pine groves whose administration has managed to combine the tourist flow management with the preservation of the protected species. The beach is clean and cozy and it’s possible to walk the trails in the woods and do birdwatching. An ideal place for families with children and nature lovers.

lido di spinaLido degli Estensi is a place mostly frequented by young tourists, having bathing facilities where guests can play sports and organizes numerous beach parties, while Lido di Spina is organized to attract a highest level tourism, providing most luxurious services and environments to tourists.

A wide beach with bathing establishments, boutiques, restaurants and hotels offer the maximum comfort to even the most demanding tourists.


Further south we find Casalborsetti, a suburb of the city of Ravenna. Here are beaches, camping areas and above all a stretch of beach organized to accommodate the dogs.

The trendiest locations of Ravenna are Marina di Ravenna, Marina Romea and Lido Adriano. Restaurants and discos, equipped hotels, beach clubs that organize beach parties and many other attractions attract tourists from all over, especially the younger ones.

Porto Corsini and Punta Marina Terme are destinations most suitable for a family holiday: less chaos and more quiet, cozy hotels and thermal regenerating baths are the characteristics that make these two places the destination for those seeking more peace and less nightlife. There are public beaches and areas for camping.

Emilia Romagna South area

From the province of Forlì-Cesena extends down the Riviera Romagnola, well-known in recent decades for its nightlife and the presence of tourists from all over the globe.


One of the most famous centers of the Riviera is Cesenatico, whose beach has to offer a variety of entertainment for all tastes. The bathing establishments of Cesenatico’s beaches are equipped with sports facilities, children’s areas, parks and areas organized to accommodate pets. The Levante beach is surrounded by a cycle-pedestrian path for long bike rides. At night Cesenatico becomes a place of nightlife thanks to the various beach bars and discos.

The sandy beach of Savignano a Mare, in the municipality of Savignano sul Rubicone, hosts a large number of tourists every year, although the size is reduced. A large moltitude of restaurants and hotels line the beaches and various bathing establishments provide excellent services.

San Mauro Mare is a hamlet of the municipality of San Mauro Pascoli, so named because it was the birthplace of the poet Giovanni Pascoli. San Mauro Mare houses several hotels, spots to camping and well equipped bathing facilities.


cattolicaIn the province of Rimini we find Cattolica, near the border with Marche. It houses almost 2 km of beach with green hills all around and its geographical position is such to block most of the low-pressure areas from the north and facilitate the entry of a fresh wind particularly relished by bathers in the summer months. The breakwater barriers have allowed the formation of a fine golden sand. Every year more and more popular with tourists, Cattolica has many hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment for children.

spiaggia-riminiRimini Beach needs very little introduction. It is one of the most beloved places by bathers for several decades. Celebrated in numerous films, the Rimini beach is very exploited for tourism and has many super-equipped bathing establishments, free beaches and entertainment for all tastes and ages. All around are located many hotels, restaurants and boarding houses for all budgets. It isn’t a suitable place for those seeking absolute relaxation: it is instead the right location for those who love to party and have fun together with many people. Particularly efficient are the services and entertainment for children.

spiaggia-riccioneThe Riccione beaches have experienced a real boom in recent decades and have become the favorite destination of many Italian VIPs and not. Hotels, luxurious restaurants and a large number of beach resorts crowd this town always among the first places in the choice of those who intend to spend a beach holiday full of fun.


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