In the northern area of Lombardy, in the province of Sondrio, lies the town of Livigno, the highest in Italy (1816 meters) after that of Sestriere.

The village is located in Alta Valtellina, on a plateau situated at the foot of the Alps of Livigno.

The country, for this territorial structure and its extraordinary landscapes, is a popular tourist destination especially in winter, thanks also to its tourist facilities and accommodation of very high standard.

The climatic and geomorphological features of the place are very similar to Himalayan ones, so that Livigno is often called “the little Tibet”.

What to do and what to see in Livigno.

First of all the ski areas that make this territory so famous and renowned.

Over all, the Mottolino, which has modern and very advanced systems, where you can practice in comfort snow and free ride.

A place where it’s possible to enjoy excellent ski slopes in winter but that is particularly appreciated also for summer hiking.

To enjoy the view of Livigno at 360 degrees, just get on Monte della Neve taking the chairlift.

In addition to the Mottolino, it should be mentioned the Carosello 3000: here the landscapes and structures are enjoyable both in winter and summer too.

Breathtaking views, beautiful slopes and long trails will allow you to return in town also on foot.

If you enjoy walking, proceed along the Val Federia, where you can admire the magnificence of the surrounding landscape, including all the typical animals of the forest. A path that can be tackled on foot or by mountain bike, even with all the family and the small children.

Furthermore, mandatory is a jump to the lake area, or rather from Livigno Lake up to Cancano Lakes, which are two artificial lakes so close to one another as to seem a single complex.

Other activities

Besides the above mentioned ski activities and walks – summer and winter – in Livigno are very popular horseback riding (starting from the stables up to the woods) and snowshoeing, with itineraries reclaimed from possible risks and dangers.


Finally traditions: among the most famous there is the “Ghibinet”, designating the epiphany of these places, where children enter the houses exclaiming “Bondì, Ghibinet!” and in return receive various sweets.

In addition, should be mentioned the classic Palio delle Contrade, with the typical formula of many Italian towns.