Guide of Bormio

When it comes to winter tourism it is undoubtedly one of the first names that come to mind.

Renowned worldwide and hugely popular for its beauty and its infrastructures, Bormio is also known for its thermal baths, resulting since ever a relished and appreciated destination.

The charming Bormio extends in a valley surrounded by mountains with the highest peak of the Reit (3075 meters).

Well 4 valleys flow into it: over all, the Valley of the Braulio which connects it to the Stelvio Pass, where is located the highest point reachable by car.

Bormio : Monuments and landscapes

Within the village, of about 4,000 inhabitants, it is possible to admire the Collegiate Church. Is it in Piazza Cavour, with its structure almost totally changed in 1621 after a devastating fire that almost destroyed its original connotation.

If you want to admire some frescoes of the ‘300, you need to go to the Oratory San Vitale, built in 1196.

The style in question is fully Romanesque.

You can not go to Bormio without visiting the Kuerc.

This is the place where the meetings took place and justice was administered. The decrees and the verdicts promulgated by this sort of court were posted on its columns.

The Kuerc is located in Piazza Cavour too, just in front of the Collegiate.

Thanks to its excellent ski slopes, Bormio is fixed stage of a downhill race valid for the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup: the event takes place on the Stelvio slope.

For its altitude (1125 meters) it was six times culmination of a stage of the Tour of Italy.

What to do in Bormio

The activity that may be of interest to most tourists is certainly the so-called snowshoeing, or rather hiking with snowshoes along the snowy trails of the Alta Valtellina.

Over all, should be mentioned the excursions Valle Fraele-Valle Pettini-Trela-Valle Vezzola and Valle Alpisella – Adda Springs.

Absolutely not to miss is also a visit to the Underground Cave, very ancient, where there is a warm river in which you can dive in the most absolute silence, in a almost unreal peace.

Once out, the finishing touch is to pass ‘ground ice’ on the arms, legs and the rest of the body to recover a pleasant vitality.

Still in terms of wellness it is unmissable the tour at both the old baths and new baths of Bormio. 

The structure of the outstanding 5 star hotel New Baths is ideal for a dream holiday, but the thermal baths you can access without staying at the hotel and with a specific entry. Especially the thermal structure of the old baths, with its history and its Romanesque charm, can not leave an impression. An experience to live.

Snowboard lovers, instead, should take refuge at Hang Five Snowpark, a totally fenced area where unleash all your ‘freestyle’. It is located close to the famous track “Stella Alpina”.

Finally, a look at the traditions. Do not miss the “Gabinat”, where who comes biased has to pay a pledge by offering sweets or a glass, and the “Carneval di Mat”, where young people from Bormio take the total control of the town for a whole week.


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