Beaches of Veneto

Veneto North area

The east side of Veneto overlooks the north Adriatic Sea.

The flat land of the region in many areas has allowed the formation of lagoons that have contributed to donate to places like the lagoon of Venice a unique beauty.

The northern part of the Venetian coasts are included in the extended province of Venice, the southern ones in that of Rovigo, up to the Po delta and the border with Emilia Romagna.


A few kilometers from the border with Friuli-Venezia Giulia there is the beach of Bibione belonging to the namesake seaside resort. The bathing establishments make available to tourists many services on this golden beach whose sea in 2013 was awarded the Blue Flag.

brussaNear Caorle is located the Brussa beach, boasting a sandy beach overlooking a crystal blue Adriatic and in this section the bottom is low even several meters away from the shore.

The area is rich in flora and fauna, there is a pine forest that provides shelter to bathers from the heat of the day.

On the island of Sant’Erasmo, on the northern side of the Venetian lagoon, there is the Bacàn beach.

This place is accessible only by sea: it is a thin strip of sand fringed with vegetation where Venetians are used to stop in the summer to get a bit of relaxation.

deadBetween the towns of Jesolo and Eraclea is located the Lagoon of the Dead beach, declared by Legambiente in 2003 one of the 13 most beautiful beaches in Italy.

The lagoon takes its name from the dead branch of the Piave river that flows right in front of Eraclea Mare.

The sand of this lagoon is wide and golden, behind the shore there is a beautiful pine forest and the sea is very clean and transparent.

Lido di Jesolo is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the region: a narrow strip of sand between the mouth of the Piave and the Venice lagoon that every year attracts thousands of tourists in the summer season.

Life in Lido di Jesolo is eventful: the place is full of discos and places of meeting day and nighttime, events of all kinds are organized and there are many beach clubs, restaurants, hotels and much more.

Near Chioggia there is the beautiful Sottomarina beach, in the extreme south of the Venetian lagoon.

The sand of Sottomarina beach is full of quartz crystals which give the waters a deep blue colour rare to find in these northern locations.

A beautiful beach equipped with deckchairs and beach umbrellas, in whose vicinity it’s possible to find other types of services for tourists.

Veneto South area


Located inside the Po delta, the town of Porto Tolle in the province of Rovigo has the beautiful Barricata beach.

This beach is more than three kilometers long, it is made up of golden sand and faces one of the most beautiful seas in Veneto. There are several bathing establishments, bars, restaurants and places to moor boats.

Also within the Po delta there is the Boccasette beach, a place with no settlements except for the presence of bars, restaurants and beach clubs which live depending on the local tourism.

The Boccasette beach is also composed of golden sand that form inland sand dunes, the sea is blue, with a sandy and slightly sloping bottom. It’s possible to spot entire flying colonies of oyster-catchers.

In the town of Ariano nel Polesine there is the Bacucco beach, inserted in the Veneto Regional Park of Po Delta.

Surrounded by rushes, lagoons and other typical environmental traits of the Po delta, the Bacucco beach is a golden sandy beach rich in local flora and fauna.

Near the waterfront stands the lighthouse Bacucco, overlooking the beach and vegetation. The sea is very clean, light blue and with shallow bottom ideal for bathers.

caleriBetween the east mouth of the Po and that of Adige there is the Caleri beach on Rosolina Mare-Caleri shore.

This beach has some beautiful sand dunes dotted by typical vegetation that made these places its habitat; there is also a thick pine forest.

The beach is sandy and the sea that bathes it is clean and light blue.


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