Beaches of Molise

Molise North area

Molise is a very small region, but has some beautiful coastlines facing the Adriatic Sea, all included in the province of Campobasso.

The beaches north of Molise include those coastlines from the far north of the region to the town of Termoli, including Tremiti islands, while those in the south include the beaches to the border with Puglia region.

In the north, a few kilometers from the border with Abruzzo, lies the picturesque town of Petacciato.

From Petacciato the panorama visible is breathtaking: you can see the mountains of the Majella and the Gargano promontory and there is an ancient Norman castle.

The village is very small, but at its foot extends a beautiful coastline behind which there are dune formations that give an exotic touch to the whole scenery.

The stretch of coast, Petacciato-Marina, is among the most beautiful in the Adriatic Sea.

A golden sandy coastline extends for several kilometers, a wild charm stretch: there are no bathing facilities, that’s why the flora and fauna have been able to thrive donating to Petacciato Marina the charm of an unspoiled oasis.

The already described dune formations alternate with beautiful pine forests and the sea is blue and crystal clear, a characteristic that has allowed this location to get the Blue Flag.

Another town near the border with Abruzzo is Marina di Montenero di Bisaccia. Here there are accomodating facilities such as hotels, restaurants, bed & breakfasts and various chalets. The golden sandy beach is well maintained and there are equipped bathing establishments.

At about 16 kilometers away is located the town of Montenero di Bisaccia, which lies on a hill, 300 meters above sea level: from there you can admire a splendid panorama.

The town of Termoli is the second municipality in the province of Campobasso by population.

The seaside village of the town stands on a promontory from which the impressive Swabian castle rises up; at the foot of the village lies a beautiful coastline with many beaches.

Despite the presence of free beaches, it’s worth to mention the beach of Sant’Antonio, by far the most exploited for tourism, equipped with bathing establishments, hotels and campgrounds. Also in this stretch of coast the beach is sandy and golden and the sea of a deep blue.

spiagge del molise : rio vivoDuring the summer season the city of Termoli comes alive with music festivals, exhibitions and markets of all kinds.

Another beach of Termoli is that of Rio Vivo, less equipped for bathing and mostly preferred by lovers of water sports, from sailing to simple scuba.

Molise South area

Between the mouths of rivers Saccione and Trigno is located the town of Campomarino, about 10 kilometers south of Termoli. The beach at Campomarino is another popular tourist destination of Molise, with bathing facilities and characterized by the presence of a fresh pine forest just before the shoreline.

There are hotels, restaurants and other structures to accommodate tourists. Near the mouth of Saccione it’s possible to admire a great quantity and diversity of flora and fauna, in particular the beautiful herons flying over the sand dunes. The sea is very clean and blue, populated by a rich marine life too.

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