Beaches of Calabria

Calabria West area.

The Calabrian peninsula is surrounded on 3 sides by the sea and therefore has a large number of beaches, many of which every year are literally invaded by swimmers from everywhere.

The natural beauty and places of historical and archaeological interest of Calabria are a real gold mine for the region, whose coasts touch in the west the Tyrrhenian Sea and in the east and south the Ionian Sea.

Beaches in Calabria : Cosenza.

isola-di-dinoTourists arriving in Calabria from the north along the coast will be greeted by the beautiful town of Praia a Mare, in the province of Cosenza and at the border with Basilicata.

Praia a Mare, which in 2015 was awarded the European Green Flag of Beaches, has beautiful dark sand beaches, bathing establishments and public beaches, and in front of them lies the Island of Dino on which are located some fascinating caves. But Praia do not only offers this.

Those interested in local history can visit the Fortino and Torre Fiuzzi, ancient fortifications built to defend the coast and the modern and contemporary art lovers can visit the Municipal Museum.

Vibo Valentia.

In the province of Vibo Valentia there is instead the Costa degli Dei, a coastline well 55 km long composed of both white sandy beaches and rugged cliffs that form small coves. In front of the Costa degli Dei, 32 nautical miles away, there are the Aeolian Islands.

spiaggia-del-cannoneThere are several beaches that make up the Costa degli Dei, the most exploited for tourism is undoubtedly that of Tropea: beach clubs, hotels, bars and restaurants are the setting for one of the most beautiful beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with white sand and crystal clear sea. Who looks for more quiet can reach the Spiaggia del Cannone (Cannone beach) a very small beach, secluded and semi-hidden from the north pier of Tropea.

Still on the Costa degli Dei there is the Nicotera Marina beach, another little Tyrrhenian gem, located in the namesake gulf. Also here the sand is fine and there are beach resorts, hotels and restaurants.

Calabria East area

With the Costa dei Gelsomini, in the province of Reggio Calabria, begins the Ionian coast of Calabria. The Costa dei Gelsomini is also called Locride and covers many municipalities.

Reggio Calabria

Going north-east from Reggio Calabria there is the Capo Spartivento, a promontory belonging to the municipality of Brancaleone rarely visited by simple bathers. Although the sand is fine and the impressive landscape resembles a desert, Capo Spartivento is usually frequented by lovers of windsurf, sailing and water skiing.

Further north there is the town of Locri, with its picturesque white beaches and crystal clear waters.

Locri was at a time a very important city of Magna Graecia.

The traces of its glorious past are still present: the archaeological site of Locri Epizephiri covers more than 230 hectares, just a few steps from the sea. At Locri there are also therapeutic springs and thermal baths. Hotels, restaurants, discos and water parks can make this corner of paradise on Calabria’s Ionian coast even more interesting.

Ascending the Costa dei Gelsomini we find Marina di Gioiosa Ionica, location whose sea got many times the Blue Flag. The clean sea of Marina di Gioiosa Ionica wets compact and fluffy beaches. As in other Calabrian municipalities, here it’s possible to taste the culinary specialties of the region, especially those based on pelagic fish (which a festival is dedicated to) in the numerous restaurants. The hilly landscape is covered with olive groves and citrus orchards, but the promenade of Marina di Gioiosa Ionica is provided with palm trees that give an exotic touch to the landscape.

Roccella Ionica is another Calabrian excellence for tourism. The promenade, the landscape characterized by rocky cliffs that border the beaches, dominated by the imposing Norman castle overlooking the town.

The food and the typical summer fun places make Roccella Ionica a popular destination for many tourists every year. From the beach it’s also possible to admire the Bosco Catalano and the Pizzofalcone Tower.


Famous for the beauty of its waters is also Isola di Capo Rizzuto, which houses the most precious marine reserve of Calabria. The reserve protects the local marine species, so snorkelers can try to catch sight of these beautiful underwater creatures; anyone wishing to just relax can however do it, thanks to the beautiful beaches and the beach clubs in Isola di Capo Rizzuto.

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