Palermo is reborn

It represents an attraction pole for both tourists and local population.

Palermo has always stood out.

Among the large housing clusters and centers of cultural interests of Sicily.

Both of them find in exhibitions and gastronomic offers the perfect moments to celebrate its rebirth in the Mediterranean context.

Millennial history, the city was founded by the Phoenicians between the 7th and 6th centuries BC

Conquered in 254 BC by the Romans and by the Vandals in 429, then passes under the Saracen conquest in 831 to go later under Norman domination… And we do not mention all the rest of the historical route.

The succession of numerous civilizations and populations gave it a remarkable artistic and architectural heritage.

Among the treasures of the city we can not mention the Cathedral of the Santa Vergine Maria Assunta.

During the visit to the city you can take a look at the pavilions promoted by local initiatives for shopping, antiques and trade fair venues, you can see Palermo in all its vivid beauty.

Thanks to street performers, artists coming from different social contexts, the local radio stations that will follow the congressional initiatives of the city.

In Palermo it’s good to rediscover historic cafes.

Like the Antico Caffè Spinnato, the right place to taste, from coffee to aperitifs, desserts of excellent quality with a great choice , a remarkable location on the pedestrian street Prince of Belmonte.

But also the trattorias that have marked the history of the heart of the city.

Without missing the moments to make traditional Sicilian music and art revive: with showcases of musicians prepared in melodic compositions that have made the island known in the world.

Palermo also has an important theatrical role in the region, especially at the Lelio Theater.

Recently at the heart of a real revival of Sicilian music, in which the art of storytelling has been shown on stage again.

Accompanying songwriters and guitar players at the roots of this art.

Photography and visual processing protagonists in Palermo.

Cultural moments thanks to exhibitions in open structures once reserved for public offices or social functions.

The gradual revelation of art and culture to the people of Palermo.

It allows photo stories, verses and musical works to finally embody the history of the community.

In the name of a Palermo really open to everyone.

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