Vipiteno, The magic of a village in the snow

For Germans its name is Sterzing, but all Italians know it as Vipiteno, one of the most beautiful villages of the entire nation located in the middle of the Alta Valle Isarco.

Situated 950 meters above sea level, Vipiteno is dominated by several peaks such as Monte Cavallo, Cima Gallina and Cima di Stilves.

For its scenery, the facilities (ski and accommodating) of high level and the beauty of its built-up area, Vipiteno is one of the favorite mountain destinations of Italians, who come in winter and summer.

What to do and wath to see in Vipiteno.

Let’s start from the center of Vipiteno, that leaves gobsmacked for the particularity of the facades of the houses, with the famous “Erker feature” especially on the main street called “Via Città Nuova”.

Beautiful are also the wrought-iron signs, with the colors that once identified the quality of lodging and made the wayfarer understand if it was a tavern or a hotel.

Continuing through the historic center – along “Via Città Vecchia” – we encounter the Tower of the Twelve, the Civic Tower, the symbol of Vipiteno. With its 46 meters of height that dominate “the urbe”, the Tower divides the Old Town from the New Town.

The current stone roof replaced the original spire, destroyed in the fire of 1867.

Proceeding you reach the Town Hall, in late Gothic style, which originated from an old building purchased in 1468 and later renovated.

Inside stand out the Council Hall and the stele of Mithras, trace of the ancient Romans discovered in the sixteenth century and ascribable to the cult of Mithras, Persian god.

Among the main activities to do in Vipiteno there is without a doubt skiing: here the Alpine Ski World Cup was hosted three times, and on the slopes of Monte Cavallo it’s possible to enjoy excellent ski facilities.

In addition, in Vipiteno there is one of the longest luge runs of the entire South Tyrol, about 10 km long.

The natural landscape of Vipiteno is enchanting.

The waterfalls of Stange, located in the gorge Gilf – ravine carved in white marble rock – are truly unmissable. For hikers this area is perfect: green meadows and pastures, peaks, lodges…

There is really everything you need to enjoy healthy hiking days in the best way.

And then the events: the main ones concern the Christmas markets, which take place in the famous square Città (where also the social life of the town occurs), and the parade of Krampus, that is the representation of masked devils scurrying through the streets of center on the evening of December 5th, on the occasion of the celebrations for St. Nicholas.