Beaches of Sardegna

Sardinia North area

The island of Sardinia is full of bathing beaches, among the most beautiful in Italy. All its provinces include some coastal stretches: those of Sassari, Nuoro, Olbia-Tempio, Oristano and Ogliastra are the northern provinces, while Medio Campidano, Carbonia-Iglesias and Cagliari are the southern ones.

Beaches in Sassari

In the province of Sassari, near the town of Stintino, we find the Cala Lupo. This beach of sand and rocks overlooks a sea between the celestial and the emerald green and attracts both bathers and scuba divers. There are bathing establishments, hotels and restaurants, but the beach is never very crowded, so it is ideal for those seeking tranquility.

Halfway between Porto Conte and Alghero there is the Lazzaretto beach: an ancient eighteenth-century leper hospital located on a beach of white sand dotted with sandstone rocks and myrtle trees, all in front of a beautiful blue sea of shallow water.

It’s possible to rent beach umbrellas and chairs and there are bars and restaurants nearby.

Beaches in Olbia-Tempio

In the province of Olbia-Tempio in the beautiful island of La Maddalena it is worthy to mention the Punta Tegge beach, a small sandy beach of large grains wet by a turquoise sea from which emerge pinkish flat rocks.

The water is full of marine life and many snorkeling enthusiasts gather in this place. There is a refreshment point.

Moving to Gallura we find the Rena di Ponente Beach of Santa Teresa di Gallura, on the northernmost tip of Sardinia.

A strand surrounded by wild nature, made of light and compact sand, overlooking a light green sea whose bottom becomes deep quickly.

Nearby there are hotels, restaurants and bars equipped to accommodate the numerous tourists.

Beaches in Nuoro

In the Gulf of Orosei, in the province of Nuoro, there is the Cala Cartoe of Dorgali, a small dark coastline bordered by cliffs, in front of a blue and crystal clear sea. Nearby there is a food court and a bar.

The Berchida di Siniscola beach is located on a long coastline full of coves which extends between Capo Comino and Posada. This is a beach of clear and fine sand behind which there are pine forests and hills, bathed by a very clean and clear sea. Berchida beach is equipped and there are several refreshment points.

Beaches in Ogliastra

In the province of Ogliastra there is the beach of Santa Maria Navarrese di Baunei, near the namesake village. This beach bathed by green and clear waters of shallow bottom is made of clear sand and has several beach clubs, kiosks and nightlife bars nearby.

Beaches in Oristano

In the Gulf of Oristano there is the S’Arena Scoada beach. A long golden sandy coast is lapped by the usual green and clear sea of shallow water. The beach is uncrowded and is ideal to spend days in tranquility surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Sardinia South area

Beaches in Medio Campidano

Among the beaches of Medio Campidano it is worthy to mention the wonderful Torre dei Corsari beach of Arbus, a coastline facing the namesake town.

A sandy beach with dunes fringed with vegetation and basaltic rocks, placed in front of an emerald and often rough sea. There are umbrellas and bars but most of the beach is free.

Beaches in Carbonia-Iglesias

The province of Carbonia-Iglesias also includes the island of San Pietro, where is located the beautiful beach of Girin, characterized by a clear and fine sand, lapped by a turquoise sea with very shallow water. A food court offers its services to the tourists on the island.

Few kilometers far from Iglesias there is the Masua beach, a white sand beach of reduced size, bathed by a turquoise sea that slopes rapidly a few meters from the coast. The panorama offers a view of the stack Pan di Zucchero, a huge spur of rock 132 meters high rising from the waters.

Beaches in Cagliari

In the province of Cagliari it is worthy to report the beautiful beach Giunco of Villasimius, fringed by a promontory that separates it from Cava Usai.

The beach is sheltered from the wind, the sand that composes it is clear with pink shades and faces a beautiful crystal clear sea. There are refreshment points and bathing establishments.

Cala Cipolla of Domus de Maria is a beautiful cove located near the Tower of Chia, at whose feet lie the ruins of the ancient Phoenician city of Bithia.

The sand of Cala Cipolla is gleaming white, the sea is crystal clear, clean and with shallow water. Around the cove stand centuries-old pines and fragrant juniper shrubs.


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