Beaches of Abruzzo

North Abruzzo

The north coast of Abruzzo consists of beaches in the area of Teramo, Pescara and even north of Chieti. The main feature of these places is to have wide beaches that are either sandy or pebbly. There are many tourists who attend them. But let’s take a look specifically to what are the beaches that we find in north Abruzzo.


The waterfront area of Teramo goes from Martinsicuro to Silvi Marina. So let’s start with Martinsicuro which has both free areas and private beaches, there is a wide range of bars and Hotel. Villa Rosa is a beach located in a suburb of Martinsicuro and as the latter is a popular tourist destination.

alba-adriaticaAlba Adriatica is a beach also known as “Silver” beach, this because of the color of the beach and the sea floor.

It has a well-finished and wide shore, the seabed is sandy and you can find amusements and entertainment of all kinds.

Then we find other beaches like Tortoreto Lido, which in summer has a good flow of tourists. It also has an old town for those who like to go to the seaside without having to give up to admire historical monuments. Another important tourist destination is Giulianova Lido with a wonderful beach of subtle sand also called “Golden Beach”, furthermore there is also a harbor and a bike path that runs through the waterfront.

Roseto degli Abruzzi also known as Lido delle Rose and Cologna Beach, are very popular and well-equipped seaside places.

pineto_lidoPineto Lido has a beach which has the beautiful detail to have a pine forest behind it which is full of vegetation. Finally Silvi Marina which has a beautiful beach with silver-white sand.


In the waterfront area of Pescara, we find Marina di Città Sant’Angelo which is known not only for its beautiful beach but also for its historical center. Then there is Pescara Lido with its famous touristic harbor equipped to accommodate every year the numerous visitors.

fracavilla-mareNorth Chieti

Finally we find the north area of Chieti where there is the city of Francavilla al Mare, that offers to tourists its long and sandy beach.

It is also rich in history and places of interest.

South Abruzzo

The southern part of Abruzzo that overlooks the Adriatic Sea is included entirely in the southern part of the province of Chieti. The beaches are made of sand and pebbles, as well as gray gravel. The beach resorts with annexed facilities are numerous, but we will list the most famous.

trabocchiAlong the coast of Trabocchi lies the town of Rocca San Giovanni, which includes several small beaches with different characteristics.

The biggest and most renowned one is located in the hamlet La Foce: it is a pebble beach that overlooks a crystal blue sea, with shallow sea-bottom.

The Cavalluccio beach, instead, looks back on the picturesque promontory that surrounds the entire bay.

The town of Fossacesia includes the beautiful beach of Fossacesia Marina, adjacent to the Gulf of Venus. There are some beach resorts that provide numerous services, but there is also a wide free beach every year more and more occupied by bathers, for a day of relaxation and saving.

The public beach of Fossacesia Marina is clean and overlooks a clean and clear Adriatic sea: this location has received for 14 consecutive years the Blue Flag.

The beach of Francavilla al Mare, Blue Flag too, has the advantage of being very close to the city of Pescara. There are many restaurants, the beach resorts are equipped and both the sand and the sea are very clean.

The beach of Marina di San Vito, belonging to the municipality of San Vito Chietino, is covered with a fine grey sand. The breathtaking scenery with cliffs and steep slopes into the sea, the water crystal clear (even this location is Blue Flag), restaurants, equipped beach resorts and spots to camping are the characteristics that make the beach of Marina di San Vito an enticing tourist destination .

The beautiful beach of Vasto Marina consists of a fine golden sand and extends for several kilometers.

This beach is situated in the namesake gulf: in the north lies the mouth of the Trigno river and in the south, on a rock in the midst of the waters, there is the statue of the Bagnante, also called the Little Mermaid of Vasto.

There are beach resorts and behind the beach there are many hotels, restaurants and spots to camping.

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