Assisi peace of mind

Among the most popular Italian municipalities because of the great number of historical personalities, often narrated in the Italian classics of ever, Assisi occupies a preferential place as regards tourism and culture.

Between plain and low hills, Assisi has a characteristic mild climate.

This element raised its fame over the centuries, thanks to its sweet transitions from summers not overly hot and stifling to winters with average temperatures.

Thanks also to the constant shelter provided to the city by its more protected position than other city centers.

Populated by Etruscans and Romans, who made it an important cultural and social center.

Assisi knew a real growth during the communal era, without however exempting to be involved in wars with nearby populations, especially Perugia.

The present aesthetic aspect of the city knows its development precisely in this traumatic and together fascinating period.

It is the historical moment in which Assisi equips with the defensive walls and the typical castles (Rocca Maggiore e Minore) that will make it known more and more as well as the Basilica of St. Francis, St. Chiara and of course the famous Church of S. Peter.

City well-known for the events of St. Francis of Assisi.

Basilica di Santa Chiara Assisi

Events that brought the Saint to be one of the most popular religious figures in literature and culture, the city offers a lot to the tourist in terms of quiet and a holiday in the name of relaxation.

A wonderful medieval village where traditions, exhibitions, fairs and moments when city folklore is celebrated come in succession every period of the year.

A vocation strongly linked to nature.

Thanks to the presence of the nearby Gubbio and suggestive places due to the clear atmosphere and the proposals for full immersion in the green.

Among these the stays at holiday farms that allow every tourist to experience a holiday in Assisi in each of its aspects.

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