Guide to the city of Trento

At first sight Trento is among those cities that cannot be recognised by the average tourist as a place full of beauty to see. Actually Trento is a place that has a lot to offer and can be counted among the most beautiful centres in our country.

Let’s explore some of the beauties this city offers to tourists.

Do not be rushed along the streets of the city: Trento must be visited carefully to be truly understood.

What to see in Trento

Palazzo Pretorio and Torre Civica in Trento

The Palazzo Pretorio is a building that dates back to the year 1220, and over the years has had several changes of intended use, first a prison, then a court, then the seat of the Bishops and the City.

Today it is a place of tourist visit and pride of the city, and inside you can find the Cathedral Treasure and the Tridentine Diocesan Museum. It is also a place of archaeological interest, given that in its foundations it presents the Veronensis gate, that is the august road with Verona origin.

The civic tower that today marks the hours and is located next to the Palazzo Pretorio, in the past was feared, in fact announced the death sentences that were then performed in the square.

Castle of the Buonconsiglio

It is a place that will take the tourist back in time, walking inside it among the cobblestone streets and very old buildings.

First of all the Mastio di Castelvecchio, tower from which you can enjoy a never ending panorama.

Another interesting element is given by Torre Aquila, where there are walls that show the cycle of the months with its frescoes.

Work that dates back to the fourteenth century and shows what were typical elements of the time, the succession of the seasons, daily life and the professions that were carried out by the inhabitants of Trentino between 1300 and 1400.

Basilica of the Cathedral of San Vigilio

The construction was made on the tomb of the Saint, and over the centuries it has been modified several times and passed under different reconstructions.

Elements to be seen among the various decorations that present the large rose that illuminates the nave and the Wheel of Fortune. On the sides of the naves, there are stairs that lead directly to the bell towers.

Monte Bondone

For those who love snow and winter sports, the Monte Bondone Snowpark offers 20 km of snow-covered slopes, including the Gran Pista, which with its 800 meters of difference in height is among the 100 best ski slopes in the world.

In addition, at the Snowpark there is a ski school, curling, ice skating and games for younger children.

For those who do not love snow but only the mountain, will have a place that lends itself to the use of hang gliding, or to horseback riding in the saddle.

In addition, mountain biking, walking, and climbing are possible.