Campo Imperatore

Within the Gran Sasso National Park and Monti della Laga, in the middle of the Gran Sasso massif,  the plateau of Campo Imperatore extends at 1800 meters above sea level in the province of L’Aquila.

Reaching the plain is pretty simple whether you come from Teramo province or L’Aquila province.

Its 18 km long and 8 wide make it one of the most vast plateaus of Italy. Almost entirely bare of vegetation, the plateau is characterized by a series of semicircular lakes. The best known is that of “Pietranzoni”, with behind the peak of ‘Corno Grande’.

Accomodations and equipped areas

Heading north-west we find the Valloni zone, which is the most full of hotels and sports facilities. Right here is the hotel where Benito Mussolini was imprisoned in 1943 and later released by German soldiers.

The structure, placed at 2130 meters, is a place of refreshment and accommodation for many tourists.

Moreover, in the Valloni area, it’s possible to admire the alpine Botanical Garden which is dedicated to the cultivation and study of the flora at high altitudes, and the famous weather station of Campo Imperatore. In the same area there is the church of Madonna della Neve.

In the south-east, instead, there is the Fonte Vetica area. Here is the only forest area of the plateau  and that of the so-called ‘slaughters’, where are sold cold cuts, cheeses and meat to cook outside in the equipped areas.

Things to do & See in Campo Imperatore

In the Campo Imperatore area it’s possible to practice many types of sports.

Ranging from the many excursions through the Gran Sasso massif. Mountain-climbing to cycling (four times arrival stage of the Tour of Italy) and skiing, with the homonymous ski resort which every year attracts many tourists and enthusiasts.

Around the plain, it’s possible to reach in a few kilometers several typical villages.

In addition to the same town of L’Aquila – who have been in recent years subject of interventions for recovery from private citizens, such as Santo Stefano di Sessanio (which was even damaged by the earthquake of 2009).

Particularly characteristic is the castle of Calascio. Where in the neighborhood was shot the movie “Ladyhawke”. Also several scenes of other films were shot in the area of Campo Imperatore.